Best Small Business Ideas For Men

If you are looking for independence and flexibility when it comes to your profit sources, becoming an entrepreneur might be a great idea.

Starting a small business can always be a good way to do what you like and want and get paid for it on your terms.

As an entrepreneur, you can set your own pace and pricing plans, so what is holding you back?

Perhaps you don’t know where or how to start and need some small business ideas.

If so, you are in the right place as we have compiled a list of top profitable business ideas for men.

Surf through our top list and discover some amazing and profitable business ideas that you can kickstart with low investments.

Top Profitable Small Business Ideas for Men

You would like to start your own business but are not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate list of top small business ideas for men in 2022.

1.  Selling Courses

Selling online courses has become an increasingly popular side hustle that soon turned into a full-time source of income for many sellers.

If there is a particular skill that you are good at, you can create a course. You can start selling courses on websites like Udemy.

To start selling courses, you will need to honor the guidelines and requirements of the course portals where you are selling.

Your courses need to provide undisputed value and help people learn new skills.

2. Blogging

Blogging can soon become your primary source of income, especially if you have several blogs.

You can start blogging on topics that pose your area of interest or that are concerning your profession.

You can use your blog for advertising, which is another way to earn money via blogging.

You need to write original, optimized and captivating content to engage and interest your blog visitors.

You can also use social media to drive traffic to your blogs. To maximize your profits, you can sell products on your blog, related to your point of interest and blog topics.

A great number of bloggers can earn more money through affiliate programs for different companies and brands.

3. Online T-shirt Store

T-shirts with prints and custom-made prints are as popular as ever, which means that you can compete for your share of the market and profit from its popularity.

You won’t need to invest much money to start an online t-shirt business. You can find suppliers with quality basic t-shirts in different colors and then take care of the printing part.

Make sure to market your business on social media and create a website or a blog to promote your business.

The competition is stiff, but you can get creative and find a unique selling point to push your items to your target audience.  

4. Selling Stock Photos

Selling stock photos is another great way to start your own business and start making money online without having to invest too much money.

You need a decent camera, however, if you have a phone with great camera features, that could be enough to get you started.

Phone cameras are so advanced today with professional photography features in advanced settings, that you may only need your phone to start selling photos.

You can upload your photos to websites like Shutterstock and Unsplash and make money from downloads and selling licenses to your photos.

You can choose your area of interest in photography by shuffling through different categories on stock photo websites.

5. Toy Store

Where there are kids, there is a demand for toys – this is how you can capitalize on selling toys online.

Your online store can operate based on the B2B model (buy to buy), which is how you will never invest in more items than you can sell.

You can also set up an online store and sell toys as an affiliate seller.

Affiliates get a percentage of the profits and sales they make and don’t invest in products – in this case, toys.

You can also find discounted and popular toys on e-commerce websites such as eBay and Amazon and resell them to make profits.

Vintage toys and collectibles are usually one of the top-selling items that you can use to attract more buyers.  

6. Comic Book Business

If you like comic books and believe in the future of both physical and digital comic books, you can start an online business and start selling comics.

Starting from offering artists and comic book writers a percent for selling and printing their comic books to selling and reselling digital and physical, and old and new comics.

You can increase your income by selling via social media, too.

7. Open a Bar

Owning a bar is on the wish list of many men out there. So, if you are ready to start your own business, why not try opening a bar.

To help you get started, here’s the ultimate checklist for future bar owners. Here’s what you need to open a bar:

  • Create a business plan including marketing, sales, and financing plans
  • Set up a strong business structure – register your business
  • Trademark your business name and logo
  • Obtain and apply for appropriate local and state licenses
  • Find the perfect location
  • Design your bar to attract your customers
  • Track your inventory – connect your inventory to the bar’s point of sale
  • Purchase a bar point of sale system
  • Hire excellent staff with professional conduct and preferably, with experience
  • Start pouring drinks and making money

Create a detailed business plan before you decide to open a bar – it is important to go through all potential expenses, sales plans, finances, and marketing strategies. This way, you will be able to determine how much money you need for your initial investment.

8. Open a Fast-Food Restaurant

Just like opening a bar, starting a fast-food restaurant can be profitable.

The competition in the US industry in fast-food restaurants is thick, which means that you will need to make an effort to stand out.

You will be competing against giants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, KFC, and other big=name food chains.

That means that your service needs to stand out. Try serving something that your competition does not have on the menu.

9. Data Entry

From simple Excel sheet data entry jobs to advanced data scrapping, you can start a data entry business.

If you have limited investment resources, this can be a perfect business idea for you due to the minimal startup costs involved.

You can find hundreds of data entry gigs on freelancing portals and plat